Altes Pharm has been operating since 1995.

Already for several years in the pharmaceutical market of the CIS we are engaged in promotion and distribution of products necessary for maintaining health.


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Altes Pharm has been operating since 1995.

Already for several years in the pharmaceutical market of the CIS we are engaged in promotion and distribution of products necessary for maintaining health. . Altes Pharm includes Altes Distribution & Altes Marketing. All products sold by Altes Pharm comply with the European GMP quality standards.

The availability of high-quality, effective and safe medicines allows Altes Pharm to ensure the population's access to high-performance drugs.

About Company

Altes Pharm is one of the few companies that brought to the market high-performance original medicines.

To date, Altes Pharm has partnered with such major European companies as KRKA, ORION, Johnson & Johnson, Actavis, Pliva, Sanofi-Aventis, Schering, Sagmel, Novartis, Pfizer, etc.

We promote the goods according to the clearly planned program in accordance with the strategy of the company, the marketing plan, the needs of consumers and the legislation of the states in the space that our offices operate. Our company has a fairly wide distribution network both in all regions of Azerbaijan and in certain regions of the CIS and not only. And this allows us to fulfill our mission quickly and effectively. In addition, our extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market allows us to choose the strategy that is most likely to help significantly increase drug sales.

Altes Pharm teaches its staff to be friendly and knowledgeable.

Our values:

– creation and maintenance of a worthy position in the market;
– Creation of high competitiveness of products;
– formation of high loyalty among consumers, suppliers, customers and doctors.

Many preparats

We can find the right medicine - from aspirin to rare drugs, buy baby food or home medical devices, with the help of experienced consultants to pick up medicinal cosmetics and hygiene products.


Research Center, in which the best specialists in the field of pharmacy work.


Laboratories for researching active and auxiliary components.


Equipment for the production of solid, semi-solid and liquid oral forms.


Automated warehouse based on a flexible IT-storage management system SAP.


Do not waste time on sickness, smile at people, go in for sports, be proud of yourself, travel and confidently go to your goal!

The company Altes Pharm includes a network of pharmacies. Lemony, which has been operating in the pharmaceutical market since 1994. Pharmacy network Lemony is the national leader in retailing .tovami for beauty and health.

In the pharmacies of our network the latest achievements of modern medicine and beauty industry are presented, which will allow you to feel one hundred percent. Dr. Lemony is a team of professionals, advanced pharmacy technology, a wide range of products, only quality products and affordable prices.


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Our team

According to the criteria for the promotion of medicines, Altes Marketing is implementing a correct advertising of its products, based on actual demand and built on the principles of rational use of medicines, honesty and integrity.

To date, the team has 800 people.

61% of management positions are held by women.

The average age of the employees is 40 years.

The promotion of products to the market we carry out in accordance with the policy in the field of health, taking into account the economic and social conditions.